Do you have a post COVID recovery plan for your business?

COVID-19 was a shock to us all. It arrived, seemingly out of nowhere, brought businesses throughout the world to a sudden stop and sent most of us home to watch Netflix or Zoom. After several months of lockdown, there may be a glimmer of light ahead, the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train as the virus continues to mutate. Either way, there’s an opportunity to reflect on what shape your post-COVID business will look, or whether it survives at all.

We are planners, so you won’t be surprised that we believe planning is vital in resuming some form of business as usual.  Specifically, businesses should be planning how to survive now, what their future operating model may be and how to secure it. Maybe you’ve already done this, certainly if you’ve already take business continuity planning seriously, you may be in reasonable shape, but if you are still in reactive mode perhaps you want some assistance to regain the initiative.

Project Companions can help. We’ve “walked the walk” and spent our lockdown confinement building the ultimate remobilisation blueprint project plan; Starting with the worst case assumption that normal business activity was completely stalled and that any business that will eventually be revived could be substantially different, we’ve built a practical and comprehensive project plan that covers every functional area that we could think of and which is easily adaptable. For the record, that’s 90 work packages containing over 300 detailed tasks. Even if that was all we’ve done, it’s quite a checklist, but of course we don’t call that a project plan.

A snapshot of our checklist.

Our checklists have been available to our clients for a few weeks now and are very modestly priced to reflect complexity eg the list of 90 work packages is free.

Now we have launched the first of our proper project plans; that’s the structure, the work packages and the tasks, PLUS logical dependencies and explanatory notes in a Primavera P6 programme. PLUS a roadmap and two mentoring sessions. For those to whom it matters, we’ve also achieved an initial schedule quality score of 100%. All you have to do is download our materials, schedule your 1-2-1 meetings and jumpstart your own recovery plan.

A snapshot of our Primavera blueprint.

Of course, we at Project Companions can do so much more and, if the flat pack furniture concept doesn’t appeal, you should ask us about the consultants and tools we have available to provide whatever level of service you require.

We also recognise that Primavera is not everyone’s software of choice and will also release a Microsoft Project version within a week. Other formats may follow.

Check out our Primavera blueprint by clicking the button below or email us at for further discussion.

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