What is a typical job description for a Project Planner?

What is a typical job description for a Project Planner?


We asked Richard Robson to explain.

A project planner needs to keep an eye on the schedule, the budget, problems, planning, reporting, spotting potential problems, updates, ongoing progress and monitor.

Not much then! It is a responsible job and vital to the success of large projects.


We asked Richard to define those project planning areas further.


  • Develop, maintain progress and monitor project control schedules in accordance with relevant procedures and work instruction.
  • Ensure that project schedules accurately reflect the scope and budget of the project in accordance with the agreed Work Breakdown Structure and are of sufficient detail to enable progress to be accurately monitored, reported and communicated.
  • Work with other project planners to resolve common issues.
  • Agree lower level schedules with task managers which can be summarised to accurately monitor and report progress.
  • Analyse and report to Project Managers on overall project progress and performance highlighting specific areas of schedule concern against the baseline and key milestones and interfaces.
  • Analyse trends which may imply delay and propose any required corrective actions to ensure that projects are delivered to the required cost, time and value targets.
  • Ensure timely submission of programme update information.
  • Prepare project progress reports. Identify variances from the project baseline plan. Analyse trends and identify issues which have a potential to affect future progress and cause delays. Assist the project team in identifying and choosing corrective actions.
  • Analyse and report to Project Managers on the overall project activities and monitor project milestones and critical activities highlighting potential problem areas.
  • Conduct site visits and interface with contractors and site personnel as necessary to authenticate progress.

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