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BUY OUR COVID-19 Blueprint Project Plan



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Project Companions is a joint venture between Franco Pittoni, Richard Robson and Mark Thomas providing mentoring and advice ensuring the health of projects throughout their life cycle. Project Companions offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of project planning and control, troubleshooting and issues resolution.

The Project Companions concept:

 “Companionship – the good feeling that comes from being with someone else”


From your first engagement with Project Companions we provide confidential assessments comparing the characteristics of a schedule with recognised benchmarks. The assessments comprise a detail written report, including our unique expert commentary and suggestions for improvement and a one-to-one consultation to ensure it is fully understood. That, however is just the beginning of what we provide:



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There are many reasons that projects fail and its rarely just technical causes. Great project planning alone may not be enough to compensate for other deficiencies, however inadequate project planning can undermine an otherwise well managed project by failing to provide timely and accurate forecasts.

What we do

Mentoring, advice and reassurance

Project Companions provide mentoring and advice on all aspects of project management, particularly project planning and controls, throughout your project lifecycle. We offer reassurance that your project plan is in good shape, thus allowing you to focus on delivery.


How we do it

Experience and tools combined

Project Companions combine the very best schedule diagnostics software with our own experience to deliver critical analyses and proactive advice. Not simply what is wrong but how to improve it. Then we encourage your own team to achieve ever higher standards themselves.

A comprehensive range of consultancy services are available on request.

If you’d like to know more about Project Companions’ services, then email us at enquiries@projectcompanions.com.


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BUY OUR COVID-19 Blueprint Project Plan

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